2018 Kings of War Mountaineer GT Sponsors

Sponsor list to come!

2017 Kings of War Mountaineer GT Sponsors

Sponsors for the 2017 Mountaineer GT helped to make our first event possible and kept costs as low as possible for the participants. We are very grateful for their assistance and encourage players to patronize our sponsors to show our appreciation.

Your Hobby Place

Your Hobby Place is THE games and hobby shop in Martinsburg and at least an hour’s drive in any direction. Opened nearly ten years ago, YHP has doubled in size three times to its current 6800 sq. feet, half of which is dedicated to gaming areas. The store caters to many different hobbies, but with a focus on gaming: historical, fantasy and sci-fi miniatures; board games; card games; and RPGs.



Mantic Games

We are excited to have Mantic sponsoring much of the prize support for the Mountaineer GT with core sets, Kings of War miniatures, novels and more!


Killing Fields Terrain

Local wunderpainter and tournament attendee Brian Bukszar is sponsoring a table at the event and providing several of his unique “teddy bear fur” mats for prize support and use at the event.

Troll Hoard Games & Miscellany

Troll Hoard Games is an eBay second-hand miniatures shop in Martinsburg, WV sponsoring some of our prizes, terrain, and cash to ensure the Mountaineer GT runs smoothly and is a blast for all participants!



Broken Egg Games

Broken Egg Games is an American based gaming company dedicated to producing high quality gaming materials. Their products promote exceptional play experiences and help players break out of their gaming shell.



Deep-Cut Studio

Deep-Cut Studio is providing one of their excellent mats for use and awarding at the tournament! We’re thrilled to be able to show off their quality game mats.




Gamemat.eu is another fantastic mat and terrain company from Europe, and we’re thankful to have their generous prize support. Gamemat.eu is sponsoring an entire table at the event and a second mat as well!



Hexy Games

Hexy creates professional projects, combining a passion and energy of real artists with a knowledge and experience of gameDev veterans. They operate with traditional and new media, offering a lot of solutions – from advertising and publishing to advanced network services.



Ironheart Artisans

After more than two decades of being involved in the gaming community, Ironheart Artisans have refined what they feel makes a great product in the industry. Creating a new useful product that is made to the highest standard is only the first part. Supporting that product, and listening to the customer’s feedback is what makes a great product. As gamers, they know what will work to streamline game play and make our hobby time more enjoyable. In the end their goal is to do just that— give you products that enrich your games, and make the way you choose to spend your free time that much more satisfying.



Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Lost Kingdom Miniatures is a late addition to our sponsor list, but certainly not least! This miniatures studio based in Spain just completed a highly successful Kickstarter and is poised to storm the fantasy miniatures scene. We’re very happy to have them as a sponsor!


Mierce Miniatures

Mierce Miniatures is providing prize support for our top placements and additional goody bag contents for all participants! If you haven’t seen their amazingly sculpted monsters and other miniatures, check them out.


MOM Miniaturas

MOM Miniaturas out of Spain produce an amazing range of miniatures for a variety of periods both historical and fantasy. There are some great Kings of War unit ideas present on their site, check them out!



Red Beam Designs

Red Beam Designs makes handy accessories for a variety of games including Kings of War, and they have a beautiful range of scenery to boot!



Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon Miniatures has a fantastic lineup of paint and painting accessories, and their resin bases are great for centerpiece models. We’re very thankful that they will be providing swag bags for all participants.



Shieldwolf Miniatures

Shieldwolf, based out of Greece, produces 28mm heroic scale high-quality fantasy armies, perfect for Kings of War!



Shogun Miniatures

We’re excited to announce that Shogun Miniatures will also be sponsoring the Mountaineer GT. Shogun makes steel unit trays and both magnetic and metal bases for a variety of games, and their sizes work perfectly for Kings of War. It can sometimes be difficult to transport a multibased army, but Shogun trays allow units to set in a magnet-sheet lined box or case while on the move, immobile and secure.


Tabletop Miniature Solutions

TMS’s mission is to improve the quality of our beloved hobby by providing the next generation of miniatures and accessories. They make excellent quality products for a variety of games, many of which are perfect for Kings of War!




Everyone deserves to have awesome terrain for their games. Terrainify provides the solution for gamers everywhere to create the ultimate game table. We’re excited that Terrainify will be sponsoring a table at the event with some custom terrain!



TT Combat

TTCombat is a wargames company primarily manufacturing MDF scenery and acrylic gaming accessories and are looking to branch out in other sectors of manufacturing to bring you the best wargaming accessories for all your games. We’ve received a selection of their Fantasy Heroes range, which are perfect representations of heroic individuals in Kings of War!



Warmonger Miniatures

If you’re an Oldhammer fan, the fact that Warmonger Miniatures is a sponsor for the Mountaineer GT should be pretty exciting news. Warmonger has a large range of Fantasy miniatures in the style of the Golden Age of Warhammer, and we couldn’t be more pleased that they are providing prize support for the tournament!



Westfalia Miniatures

Sweet, sweet fantasy miniatures. That’s how Westfalia describes their products, and more apt words have not been spoken. Westfalia is especially well-known to League of Rhordia players for their brilliant Halfmen range, but they make a variety of beautiful sculpts — check them out!